The 3D metrology software for complex measurement tasks and data analysis.

SpatialAnalyzer is the leading software solution for portable metrology in demanding application fields.

Get there faster with SpatialAnalyzer: A hardware-independent, traceable 3D graphical software platform developed by engineers with practical metrology experience. It has numerous unique and cleverly designed features for precise measurement, detailed alignment, inspection, analysis, and reporting.

The software thus facilitates the implementation of challenging tasks – even for large-volume applications.

Product packages

SpatialAnalyzer (SA) is available in three main configurations.   

  • Choose the solution that suits your needs and goals.
  • All versions are available as USB and cloud licenses.   
  • VMT is an official reseller since 2006 with local support.

SA Professional – SA Pro

The basic package: SA Professional combines the basic industrial measurement tools under one intuitive interface. In addition, included are key features such as inspection, geometry checking, form and position checking, interfaces to more than 100 instruments, and a native CAD direct import.

SA Ultimate – SA UL

The powerful, all-inclusive package: SA Ultimate offers, in addition to all the features of SA Professional, further innovative features such as the powerful USMN (Unified Spatial Metrology Network), the unique Relationship Fitting and the possibility of measurement automation by means of measurement plans (MPs) and an SDK.

SA Analysis – SA ANA

The perfect package for the pre- and post-processing of measurements: SA Analysis contains the full range of functions of SA Ultimate and only excludes interfaces to instruments.

Package comparison

Features & Benefits

SpatialAnalyzer is a digital toolbox that provides a variety of practical tools. Therefore, users are optimally equipped for any measurement task.

Available in SA Professional

Measurements with added value

SpatialAnalyzer logs all relevant parameters and user actions of the measurement and evaluation process such as measurement data, time stamps, weather data, instrument info and more.

The result is 100% traceability.

Flexible alignment options

In addition to Relationship Alignment and Geometry Fitting, exclusively available in SA for virtual assembly are alignments such as Best Fit, 3-2-1, Quick Align against CAD or RPS and sequential alignments are supported, among others.

Realistic Simulation

Use SpatialAnalyzer to simulate measurements in a simple way. For example, when measuring ray path analyses, include uncertainties under the consideration of instrument parameters. Here, the a priori uncertainty model is used as the basis.

Rapid quality assessment

Using the intuitive ribbon bar layout, display form errors of components and geometries graphically and numerically, allowing for the possibility to estimate product quality quickly and reliably.

Convenient GD&T testing

CAD data with drawing entries of form and position tolerances of component geometries can be easily imported, annotated, and checked with real-time reporting according to applicable GD&T standards.

Customised inspection plans

Using Geometry Inspection, define design-based inspection sequences based on a nominal CAD model or existing drawings.

Comprehensive CAD import

In addition to standard exchange formats such as STEP, IGES and STL, SpatialAnalyzer naturally also supports a variety of native CAD formats such as CATIA, Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, Unigraphics and Inventor.

The integrated CAD Validation Tool generates detailed reports on the conformity and interoperability of CAD models.

Convenient reporting

SpatialAnalyzer offers fast and meaningful reporting using drag and drop, such geometry data, GD&T annotations and SPC features, directly from the tree view into the report. A variety of export formats such as Excel, HTML or PDF are also available. Quick reports, AVI video files and individually designed reports are also possible.

Elegant point-cloud handling 

With new functionality around Scan Stripe Clouds, Crossections, Feature Extractions, and Voxel Displays, scanning projects are easier to execute and evaluate.

Keep a complete overview with APP

View measurement data in real time and control laser trackers remotely using the free SA Remote App for mobile devices.

Available with SA Ultimate

Virtual assembly

Unique Relationship-Fitting is based on the optimisation optimal minimisation of multiple relationships, an adjustment with constraints, and uses dynamic relationships between components or individual geometries to reliably assemble of even the most complex components. When objects in SpatialAnalyzer change their orientation, the dynamic objects are updated automatically and deviations are recalculated.

Real time alignment 

With Transformation Tracking, you monitor the 6DoF values of a moving component in real time as it is placed in its assembly position.

Precise handling of pipes 

Pipe Fitting optimises assembly of pipes through precise measurement and cutting, thus reducing costs for refinishing and material loss.

Smart instrument networks 

Unified Spatial Metrology Network (USMN) brings together all in-use metrology instruments and combines their instrument uncertainties in a bundle adjustment for highly precise position determinations.

In doing so, the integrated optimisation algorithms calculate a posteriori uncertainties of individual instrument types used as well as for adjusted point coordinates in the instrument networks.

Automation of measurement processes

Using measurement plans (MPs), create individual processes with flexible scripts. These processes automate your repeating measurement routines, improve workflows, minimise errors and increase productivity.

Using the SA SDK, access the program libraries from any development environment, such as C#, integrating SA functionalities and instrument interfaces into a custom GUI.

Unlimited instrument support

Using the Multiple Portable Metrology Instruments module, SpatialAnalyzer can simultaneously communicate with virtually any number and type of portable metrology instruments. Each instrument type has a uniform interface layout and is therefore independent of the respective instrument manufacturer.

By means of the open interface SA Pipeline even self-developed instruments can be integrated.

Current instrument list

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Maintenance benefits

Customers benefit from a maintenance extension in several ways. Regular updates regarding newly available interfaces, and compatibility with instrument firmware and the Windows operating system is also guaranteed. More advantages can be found here:

Maintenance benefits


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